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Edaso Incentives

Tax abatements, industrial revenue bonds and other tools are available to help you start or expand your industry or business on a local level.

Contacting Tammy Eallonardo, CEO of the Economic Development Alliance of Southern Ohio, is the best way to learn about what might be available for your project. He can gather your information and let you know of the various possibilities. Contact Tammy at 740.772.5100 or email him at teallonardo@gcrcd.com.

The Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission offers a low-interest loan program that's designed to work as part of a package with financing from other sources, including financial institutions. The loans can be for any amount, up to $75,000, so long as jobs are being created. For more information, call Rebecca Banchy-McIlwain at 740.947.2853 or email her at rbmcilwain@ovrdc.org.


The state of Ohio offers a wide variety of loans, grants and other programs to help business and industry. For a comprehensive list, click here.


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